2018    Settlement on behalf of family of Bucks County woman who died as result of the negligent administration of anesthesia during surgery. $ 4.5 Million

2017    Settlement (two days after filing suit) on behalf of a man injured operating a motorcycle in Bucks County in two-vehicle accident. $2.5 Million

2016    Settlement on behalf of a woman in kidney failure during endoscopy for internal bleeding who suffered complications from anesthesia. $850,000

2015    Settlement on behalf of the estate of a woman misdiagnosed with a “Lupus Flare” improperly treated with pulse steroids. $1.0 Million

2015    Settlement on behalf of a patient with Lymphoma incorrectly diagnosed with “viral syndrome” resulting in an 11-week delay in diagnosis. $3.5 Million

2014    Settlement on behalf of a child who suffers from cerebral palsy due to a delay in performing a C-section (subrogation action by hospital reported in Legal Intelligencer June 12, 2017). $8.5 Million

2013    Settlement on behalf of the estate of a patient presenting to the ER with shortness of breath but not timely transferred to the ICU $800,000

2013    Settlement on behalf of the estate of a patient discharged from the ER with a headache who later died from an undiagnosed aneurysm. $3.25 Million

2011    Settlement on behalf of elderly patient who bled to death following a colectomy because he was not adequately monitored. $1.5 Million

2010    Binding arbitration Award on behalf of patient who suffered nerve injury after injury to her nerve while removing a cyst on her hand. $950,000

2009    Binding arbitration award on behalf of patient who suffered an esophageal perforation during an endoscopy to remove a foreign body. $850,000

2007    Settlement on behalf of patient admitted to N.J. Hospital who suffered injury following a prolonged period of hypoglycemia. $1.0 Million

2006    Settlement on behalf of a handicapped woman injured in a single vehicle accident after her car was improperly modified with handicap controls.

2004    Verdict on behalf of an infant who suffered disfigurement due to misapplication of forceps at delivery. $350,000.00

2002    Settlement on behalf of driver who sustained a low back injury in a two vehicle accident in Montgomery County $500,000.00





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